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Streamlined reporting will improve communication and lead to making better informed decisions in less time.  Bosses Advisory will review internal and external reporting structures to improve and streamline your financial statement reporting, increase clarity into cash-flow needs, staff utilization and personnel.  The ultimate goal is to streamline reporting requirements; improve speed & timeliness of delivery; foster simplicity & clarity of information reported.


Bosses Advisory will evaluate business processes to improve the efficiency of your operations. We review current processes, evaluate accounting & reporting procedures, appraise the effectiveness of controls, and assess the organizational structure of your back office staff (roles, responsibilities and capabilities.) Upon review of the current state, we will discuss findings, suggest operational efficiencies and help manage organizational change to streamline operations, improve financial controls and enhance insight into your business.


We perform an analysis of your client revenue mix, profitability, over/under services and ROI.  We delve into client specific ROI by conducting a multi-year revenue analysis, client specific profitability study, and fee realization analysis.  Additionally, we review the resources you have dedicated to these key clients.  Bosses Advisory can also serve as an independent third party to conduct and compile client satisfaction survey.


As business conditions change, it is often necessary to review the current environment, make strategic decisions and organizations to change.  Bosses Advisory can help identify mechanisms for restructuring your organization.  This might include cost saving initiatives, realignment of resources, assessment and forecasting of revenue implications and  with revenue & implementation, timetables and communication plans.


A healthy back office operation is key to efficient business processes and controls.  Bosses Advisory will review your back office operating functions to ensure top quality support functionality. Our review  includes:

- Contract templates & employee agreements;

- Review roles and responsibilities of the

  administrative team;

- Matching staff skill sets and responsibilities;

- Review of the financial control environment;

- Reports to management & audit reviews.


Bosses Advisory provides a full range of transaction support services to maximize the value of any transaction to you.  Our support will also be focused on minimizing the business distraction to your day-to-day operations.  Our offering includes valuations, deal term negotiation, financial modeling, contract reviews and due diligence in support of a variety of transactions: acquisitions (buy-side & sell-side), succession planning, earn outs, phantom stock plans,  and management incentive schemes.


Bosses Advisory will help you make your business more profitable by understanding more clearly your lines of business. We will conduct a thorough review of performance, broken down by practice/discipline/offering. This will include:

- Revenue review and the client portfolio;

- Evaluation of staffing mix and staff costs;

- Analysis of practice area profitability;

- Year-over-year growth trend and cost


- ROI of marketing & new business resources


Managing staff resources effectively is essential to managing a profitable business.  Bosses Advisory can help by taking a fresh look at your staffing mix and costs across all practice areas.  The evaluation includes a detail review of time devoted to client service, administrative duties, new business, professional development, etc.  We would also  help you develop a comprehensive universal staffing plan analysis with utilization goals, open position guidance, salary benchmarks, and hourly rate reviews.


We review current new business achievement, spend, and current new business pipeline reporting and disciplines as against current goals. Looking forward and establishing new business & strategic marketing plan targeting existing clients for additional services, new client opportunities for each practice area, identifying potential new markets and new practice area opportunities.  This would includes targets for future achievement (including investment spend) to maximize potential ROI and support current budget.


Bosses Advisory provides buy-side and sell-side support for procurement reviews. Whether you are looking to retain the services of another or you are being asked to disclose sensitive operating information, we can guide you through the process.


Bosses Advisory provides long-term and interim CFO & COO services.  Clients often require short-term assistance to manage through difficult operating environments or to manage through a given transaction period.  Bosses Advisory can provide periodic support, including budget reviews, quarterly assessments, target and budget setting, as well as preparation for sale.


Bosses Advisory will evaluate the performance of your operations and identify quantifiable performance measures to evaluate key business areas.  Using these metrics, Bosses Advisory compares performance to industry norms; identifies areas of over achievement and areas in need of support.  We develop plans for remediation where required and  establish performance metric goals, action steps necessary for achievement, including budgetary resources necessary, and a timeline for success.