Bosses Advisory is led by David Bosses, a strategic thinking, high-caliber finance professional with a J.D./MBA degree.  An experienced global CFO, Bosses focuses on maximizing profits through business operations analysis.  Bosses has experience in a variety of industries, including professional services, M&A, social media, and healthcare.

With executive buy-in, we guide you through roll-out to the management team and oversee organization-wide implementation. Post deployment, Bosses Advisory monitors key performance indicators at regular intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.
We are experts in identifying areas for improvement in business operations.  We use surveys, interviews and on-site observation to conduct a thorough operational audit. We

assess processes and develop strategies to increase reliability and promote greater discipline to reach your goals and advance the organization to the next level.

Strategic Growth, Planning & Operational Efficiencies to Maximize Profits


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  • CFO & COO services
  • Acquisition & transaction support
  • KPI measurements
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Restructuring
  • Management reporting
  • Key client reviews
  • Staff planning
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Cost savings initiatives
  • Business process reviews
  • Procurement review & support